Ann H. Cornell-Bell, Ph.D.

Ann H. Cornell-Bell, Ph.D., Co-Founder and Chief Scientific Officer of Lesanne Life Sciences, has experience as both a life sciences entrepreneur and as an academic research scientist at Yale University, where she was a Senior Associate in the Howard Hughes Medical Institute. As a senior researcher in the life sciences industry she was Senior Director, Research Operations of HistoRx, Inc.; Founder and Chief Scientific Officer of Hepaticus Inc.; Director of Drug Discovery at Cognetix Inc.; President and Chief Scientific Officer of Viatech Imaging Inc.; and President and Chief Scientific Officer of Lion Imaging, LLC. She has more than 20 years experience in applying fluorescence-based high through-put detection systems in commercial and academic research environments and is an inventor on the patent held by Lesanne covering the use of PKC gamma as a diagnostic for ischemic injury.

Prior to working in the life sciences industry, Dr. Cornell-Bell was a faculty member at Yale University School of Medicine, where she held appointments in the Neuro-Oncology Unit and the Inter-Departmental Neuroscience Program. At Yale, she also was Director of the Center for Confocal Imaging and Associate Professor of Research, and Associate Research Scientist in the department of Neurology.

Dr. Cornell-Bell is the recipient of numerous grants and research awards, including: several Phase I and Phase II SBIR grants from the NIDDK, NIH, and NIEHS; an NSF Goali Award; and a BRSG Research Grant. She has been a study section reviewer of NIH and other granting agencies and is an inventor of three patent families. She is an author of over 50 peer-reviewed publications and is the lead author in over one-third of these publications.

Dr. Cornell-Bell earned a B.S. in Biology from The University of Miami, an M.S. and Ph.D. in Cell Biology/Biology from Northeastern University. She was a postdoctoral fellow at Harvard Medical School.

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Leslie A. Riblet, Ph.D.

Leslie A. Riblet, Ph.D., Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer of Lesanne Life Sciences, is a pharmaceutical company executive with more than ten years of small company experience. Prior to pursuing a series of entrepreneurial opportunities with Dr. Cornell-Bell in the life science arena, Dr. Riblet was Vice President of Research Operations, and Vice president of Preclinical CNS Research, Bristol-Myers Squibb Pharmaceutical Research Institute. Dr. Riblet earlier held a series of positions including Section Manager, Principal Research Associate, and Senior Research Associate at the Department of Biologic Research, Pharmaceutical Research Division; and Senior Investigator and Senior Scientist at the Department of Pharmacology, Mead Johnson Research Center.

Dr. Riblet was a significant contributor to 14 INDs and four NDAs, including Desyrel, a treatment for depression, BuSpar, a treatment for anxiety, Stadol Nasal Spray, an analgesic, and Serzone, a treatment for depression. He is an inventor on five patent families, including the core patent within Lesanne. In addition, he was a Senior Investigator on two SBIR Phase I and Phase II grants.

Active in community affairs, Dr. Riblet is Treasurer of Killingworth Land Conservation Trust and a Member of the Board of Trustees of Ashland University. He previously was Chairman of the Board of Finance of Killingworth, Connecticut.

Dr. Riblet earned a B.S. in Chemistry/Biology from Ashland University, a B.S. in Pharmacy (R. Ph.) and an M.S. in Pharmacology from the University of Missouri, and a Ph.D. in Pharmacology from the University of Iowa College of Medicine.

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Robert J. Beckman

Robert J. Beckman, Co-Founder of Lesanne Life Sciences and Managing Partner and Co-Founder of The Channel Group, was previously a Co-Founder and immediate past CEO of Intergen Company. He founded Intergen through a management buyout of Armour Pharmaceutical Co.'s biochemical business from Rorer GroupInc. Under Mr. Beckman's guidance, Intergen became a global leader focused on providing technology and biologicals to the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and clinical diagnostic industries. Mr.Beckman led the company through its profitable history during which time Intergen acquired five companies, created business units in Canada, Europe, and Japan, established significant manufacturing capacities, and developed an extensive portfolio of technology that it sold and licensed for use in cancer research, pharmaceutical discovery, and genomics.

Mr. Beckman first served as Vice President, Marketing Services, at Revlon Health Care Group (which included USV Pharmaceutical Corp. and Armour Pharmaceutical Co.), and then was appointed Vice President and General Manager of the Biochemical and Diagnostic Division of Revlon Healthcare Group. Upon the sale of Revlon's pharmaceutical businesses to Rorer, Mr.Beckman continued in that position until he co-founded Intergen.

During his tenure at Intergen, Mr. Beckman served on the Board of Directors of two public companies, Editek, Inc. and Medtox Laboratories, Inc., and was instrumental in the formation of two of the leading biotechnology associations in the United States, the Biotechnology Industry Organization ("BIO") and the New York Biotechnology Association ("NYBA"). At BIO, Mr. Beckman served as a founding Board Member, member of the Executive Committee, and Chairman of the Emerging Company Board of Governors. Mr. Beckman was a Founding Board Member of NYBA and served as Chairman of the Association. He testified before the Ways and Means Committee of the United States House of Representatives several times, addressing issues of health care reform and tax policy supporting entrepreneurial ventures.

Mr. Beckman's extensive global business experience includes the completion of numerous corporate transactions on four continents. He has traveled extensively and has developed business, technical, and financial networks in the life sciences industries in Western Europe, Israel, Japan, Taiwan, Singapore, China, Korea, Australia, and New Zealand. At Intergen, Mr. Beckman established a significant portion of its commercial business through the company's international presence in Canada, United Kingdom, and Japan. Through his positions at BIO and NYBA, he also has represented the biotechnology industry by participating in industry and U.S. government trade missions throughout Asia.

Mr. Beckman also served on the New York City Executive Committee of the Council for Biomedical Research, on Mayor Giuliani's Task Force on Biomedical Research and Biotechnology, and as Co-Chair of the Biomedical Section of the Regional Planning Association's New York Regional Plan. He has contributed to numerous articles on the biotechnology industry and has been interviewed on this area and related topics on many occasions. Mr. Beckman has addressed professional associations and organizations globally on biotechnology, entrepreneurial management, and the growth of technology companies. Mr.Beckman holds a B.S.Degree in Pharmaceutical Sciences from Columbia University.

Mr. Beckman currently serves on the Executive Committee and is Chairman of the Corporate Governance Committee of the Board of Directors of E-Z-EM, Inc. (NasdaqGS: EZEM), a medical products company, and was previously a Trustee of New York Medical College. He is also on the Board of Directors of LCT BioPharma Inc., the U.S. subsidiary of Living Cell Technologies Limited (ASX: LCT), and of Lesanne Life Sciences, LLC.

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Allan R. Goldberg, Ph.D.

Dr. Allan R. Goldberg, Co-Founder of Lesanne Life Sciences and Managing Partner and Co-Founder of The Channel Group, previously co-founded PrimeTech Partners in 1999, a venture management partnership whose purpose was to create, finance, and develop companies engaged in biomedicine. PrimeTech was involved in the development of three companies in which the partners played active roles.

Prior to founding PrimeTech Partners, Dr. Goldberg was Co-Founder of Innovir Laboratories, Inc. (1989-1997), a public biotechnology company that engaged in developing technologies based on harnessing the natural ribozyme RNase P for pharmaceutical and genomic research and the treatment and prevention of disease. He brought together key persons --- Dr. Hugh Robertson and Dr. Sidney Altman (Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 1989 for his discovery of the ribozyme RNase P) --- and key patents and licenses to attract financing to Innovir. Dr. Goldberg assembled a high-level Science Advisory Board and played a primary role in the growth of the company, including corporate management and administration of research and development.

During his tenure at Innovir, he raised more than $35 million and was involved in the completion of an initial public offering. Dr. Goldberg was at various times the Chief Scientific Officer, Chairman, and CEO. Following a merger of Innovir with VimRx Pharmaceuticals, Inc., he managed as CEO of Innovir two additional facilities in Cambridge, England, and Gottingen, Germany.

Dr. Goldberg has been a consultant to several pharmaceutical companies and to several private and public academic institutions. He has served on the Board of Directors of the New York Biotechnology Association.

Dr. Goldberg was a professor of virology and the Richard King Mellon Foundation Fellow at The Rockefeller University (1971-1989) prior to founding Innovir. During that time he contributed to the field of viral oncology through his studies on transformation, authored more than 160 publications, and presented widely at academic conferences. He is co-author on 18 patents and patent applications, most of which concern novel human biotherapeutics. His academic honors include Special Fellow of the Leukemia Society of America, American Cancer Society Post-doctoral Fellowship, and an NIH Research Career Development Award. He is a Fellow of the New York Academy of Sciences and member of several professional societies, including the American Society for Biological Chemists and Molecular Biologists, the American Society for Virology, Sigma Xi, The Harvey Society, American Society of Microbiology, and American Association of Immunologists. Dr.Goldberg was an editor of the Journal of Experimental Medicine for twelve years, and during his tenure at The Rockefeller University also was ad hoc reviewer for numerous other journals. He served on the Biology Department Visiting Committee for the University of Pennsylvania, the Corporate Advisory Council of Hunter College of the City University of New York, and was Chairman of the Microbiology Council of the New York Academy of Sciences, where he still is a Board member. He is currently on the Corporate Advisory Board of The Irvington Institute and the Business Advisory Board of Alzheimer's Drug Discovery Foundation.

Dr. Goldberg is a Founder and Member of the Board of Directors of ZyStor Therapeutics, Inc., a biotechnology company that is developing targeted protein therapeutics for the treatment of lysosomal storage diseases. He is on the Board of Directors and Chairman of the Scientific Advisory Board of SuperGen,Inc. (NasdaqGM: SUPG), a pharmaceutical company dedicated to the discovery, development, and commercialization of therapeutics for solid tumors and hematological malignancies. He is also on the Board of Directors of LCT BioPharma Inc., the U.S. subsidiary of Living Cell Technologies Limited (ASX: LCT), and of Lesanne Life Sciences, LLC.

Dr. Goldberg earned a B.A. in English and Mathematics from Cornell University and a Ph.D. in Biochemistry/Biology from Princeton University. He was a postdoctoral fellow at Albert Einstein College of Medicine.

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Philip N. Sussman

Philip N. Susman, Co-Founder of Lesanne Life Sciences and Managing Partner of The Channel Group, served as a member of senior management (Head of Business Development, CFO, and CEO) of several public and private biotechnology companies, including Perlegen Sciences, Inc., Memory Pharmaceuticals Corp. (NasdaqGM: MEMY), and Cadus Pharmaceutical Corp. (OTC BB: KDUS.OB). In these positions he established collaborations with major pharmaceutical companies, including AstraZeneca AB, Bristol-Myers Squibb Co., Eli Lilly & Co., GlaxoSmithKline plc, Pfizer Inc., Solvay Pharmaceuticals B.V., and Unilever plc that provided in aggregate more than $100 million in research funding and equity investments. His deal sheet lists 27 significant life sciences transactions, including an IPO led by Hambrecht & Quist and a strategic equity investment in Axiom Biotechnologies Inc. (now part of Sequenom, Inc. (NasdaqGM: SQNM), where he served as a member of the Board of Directors. He also initiated and was responsible for in-licensing of late-stage clinical and pre-clinical drug candidates. Prior to his joining the biotechnology industry, he was Director of Strategy & Business Development at Ciba-Geigy Corp.'s Pharmaceuticals Division (now Novartis AG). He currently is an advisor to PsychoGenics Inc., Glyconix Corp., and SCIUS Capital Group LLC. He is also on the Board of Directors of LCT BioPharma Inc., the U.S. subsidiary of Living Cell Technologies Limited (ASX: LCT), Thar Pharmaceuticals, Inc., and of Lesanne Life Sciences, LLC.

Mr. Sussman is the author of articles in Current Drug Discovery, The Journal of Commercial Biotechnology (special issue on the financing of biotechnology companies), Scrip Magazine, The Journal of BioLaw and Business, The Journal of Business Strategy, Computerworld, and Datamation; he is currently on the Editorial Board of The Journal of Commercial Biotechnology. In addition to presentations at life sciences investor conferences, he is a frequent speaker at biotechnology industry meetings including the annual meetings of the Biotechnology Industry Organization (co-chairman of the Translational Research Forum for BIO 2007 and chairman of session in the Finance Track at BIO 2004) and the New York Biotechnology Association. He was guest speaker before the Drug Discovery Technology 2003 Conference, Association of Biotechnology Financial Officers, Licensing Executives Society, Association of University Technology Managers, New York State Bar Association Annual Meeting, and The MIT Enterprise Forum of New York, among others. He was the subject of a cover story in BioPeople Magazine and has been interviewed for articles focusing on biotechnology in San Francisco Business Times, The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, BioCentury, and BioWorld, among others.

For over ten years he was a member of the review panel for the Innovative Technology Research Grant and Collaborative Postdoctoral Scientist Grant programs sponsored by the Center for Biotechnology, New York State Science and Technology Foundation. He held part-time faculty positions at the graduate engineering schools of Columbia University and the State University of New York at Stony Brook. He has a B.S. in Physics from the State University of New York at Stony Brook, Master of Science in Biotechnology from Manhattan College, and an S.M. in Management with a concentration in Finance from the Sloan School of Management, MIT.

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Howard M. Fillit, M.D.
Executive Director
Alzheimer's Drug Discovery Foundation

Kieran Murphy, M.D.
Associate Professor, Department of Radiology
Director of Interventional Neuroradiology
Johns Hopkins Medical Institute